Lumina Sales

Lumina Sales scientifically enables you to develop your people and to grow your revenue. By understanding how your qualities support the sales process, and mitigating the impact of your overextensions, you land more sales. By focusing on return on relationship you simultaneously maximize return on investment.
Lumina Sales gives professionals the skills to approach a negotiation naturally by bringing a relationship lens to the sales process, and driving sales results. It shows them how to be the difference which makes the difference in the sales process.

Also, Lumina Sales helps sales professionals continuously evaluate and improve their performance. It shows them how to adjust their approach and stay in respectful alignment with the client and their priorities. Lumina Sales assesses how an individual’s personal qualities will affect the way they are likely to perform at each stage of the sales cycle. It answers the question, "Where am I in my selling process and where is my client in their buying process?"


What is it for?

Whether you’re a front-line sales manager or a sales director, a technical specialist or a consultative seller, lead a large complex account team or a small in-house sales team, Lumina Sales will have applications for you.

What are the benefits of Lumina Sales?

Lumina Sales gives professionals self-awareness. What are my preferences? Where are my bright spots and blind spots? What do I overdo and what do I not do enough of? It helps to ensure that the best day they have in sales is the one that's still ahead of them.

Create self-awareness about how your personality influences your sales outcomes.
Gain a deeper understanding of how to meet the client's business goals, challenges and needs.
Create a common language to enable sales leaders to become active team coaches.
Approach sales negotiations naturally, collaboratively and with confidence.


What does Lumina Sales include?

Lumina Sales individual automated personality assessment.
Full-color PDF report presenting obtained results, and including additional comments and personalized information about behaviors, strengths, weaknesses, and talents of each of the individuals on the sales team, as well as an analysis of the sales team as a whole.
Individual mentoring session of 1 1/2 hours for each member of the sales team (in person or videoconference) to interpret the most relevant results obtained in the evaluation, lay the foundations of the sales training process, and identify blockages that are preventing progress or achievement of results.
Group mentoring session of two (2) hours with the sales team to go over the results (workshop modality).
Available in English and Spanish.

Lumina Sales is the foundation of my Sales Mentoring Program. Contact me for more information on how Lumina Sales can benefit you, your team and your organization.