Dayana Cabeza

Organizational consultant, mentor, and certified executive and team coach with more than ten years of experience partnering with professionals and teams in organizations to:

Reinvent the way they work and relate.
See the world with a new look.
Navigate uncertainty in changing environments more effectively.
Expand their greatest potential to build a better future.

I offer you a value proposition designed exclusively for your organization. A tailored, innovative, and action-oriented proposal that will allow your organization to transform and generate results.


I specialize in:

Organizational development and organizational cultural transformation.          
Change Management, Management of Uncertainty, and Organizational Future Design.
Executive coaching and mentoring for Senior Management, Top Executives, and Directors.
Team coaching, Global and Virtual Teams (in-person or videoconferencing).
Development of soft skills and managerial competencies.
Psychometric evaluations for professional development.
Phototherapy and Gamification.

Additionally, I organize professional development events and experiences, and trade missions aboard luxury cruises for organizations.

I also put my professional baggage at your disposal. Before becoming a full-time consultant and mentor, I worked for more than 18 years in the financial services industry, holding various management positions and mentoring professionals from multiple sectors. Moreover, I have advised professionals in virtual and multicultural teams during those years. Access my professional profile here.

My services are directed to promote professional development for leaders and teams in organizations. I love working with innovative organizations, committed to society and their collaborators, and those that want to face and overcome the challenges of current times with coherence, creativity, and generating shared value.